Preservation: Book Conservation Manual

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Book Conservation Manual


  1. Introduction
  2. Examination and Documentation
  3. Structural Elements of the Book
  4. Book Materials
  5. Conservation Treatment
  6. Preservation
  7. Treatment of Circulating Collections


The primary purpose of the Book Conservation Manual is to become a practical guide to techniques, treatments, materials and technologies which are currently being used by book conservators. The online Book Conservation Catalog will reflect the exciting variety of approaches people are taking– so if you’re a practicing book conservator, this is the place to talk about the particulars of the profession.

As an online document, the Book Conservation Manual is an ongoing process rather than an end product. Consider getting involved and sharing your expertise in your favorite subject of book conservation whether it’s materials, techniques, philosophy or style. Here is how to Contribute, including information on getting started. If you want to see Who is working on what topic, a table of topics under construction is updated regularly with the volunteers working on them.

Individual conservators are solely responsible for determining the necessity, safety and adequacy of a treatment for a particular object and must understand the effect of their treatment. Inclusion in the catalog does not constitute an endorsement or approval of the procedure described. It is not designed to substitute for the consultation of a trained conservator. To find a conservator, please visit AIC’s Find a Conservator page.

Section 2 – Examination and Documentation

Section 3 – Structural Elements of the Book

Section 4 – Book Materials

Section 5 – Conservation Treatment

Section 6 – Preservation

  • Chapter 1. Selection for Preservation
  • Chapter 2. Emergency Recovery
  • Chapter 3. Environmental Control and Storage
  • Chapter 4. Exhibition, Supports, Transport
  • Chapter 5. Imaging and Digitization
  • Chapter 6. Integrated Pest Management
  • Chapter 7. Staged Implementation of Treatment
  • Chapter 8. Preservation Reformatting

Section 7 – Treatment of Circulating Collections


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