Heritage at Risk – New Sign on Melrose House

A New Sign For Melrose House: For Sale

Melrose House For Sale

For the resident of Gouyave, the saga of Melrose House continues.

The historic building, which has been threatened with demolition, has now been put up for sale by the current owner. So much for our cry for help in May 2011.

One of the last remaining  of its type in the area, residents have advocated for historical landmarks designation and that the government of Grenada place its ownership in trust and re-purpose the building as a museum.

In the fight to save and preserve Melrose House, this latest development creates the feeling of returning to square one.  The big noise made after the first sales that, in all likelihood, gave the building temporary reprieve from demolition, is likely going to be needed again, unless the government once and for all steps in to save the building.

The worry is that a new owner might not be as responsive to demands to preserve Melrose House and Grenada will again lose  a substantial cultural heritage site.

This is not just a Gouyave issue.  It is a Grenada issue.  It is an issue for all that values the preservation of heritage and culture.

Tell the government of Grenada to save Melrose House.

  • Prime Minister Tillman Thomas: pmsec@gov.gd
  • Tourism Minister Peter David: tourism@gov.gd


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