Digitizing the Grenada’s archives: Here’s where you come in

We’re seeking your any old Grenadian documents, manuscripts, maps, etc.

by Ric Greaves on Thursday, 04 June 2013

Last month we told you about the Grenada’s Historical Digitization Project:

The dream – Grenada’s Historical Digitization Project, could be made possible with the support of you and the Corporate world, we would be partnered to make a PAO (periodical archives online) database of our historical records and manuscripts. If all goes well, the back-end work on the Grenada’s digital archive will be accomplished with work on the publicly accessible archive service.

Our rich collection: there are many historic books, document, manuscripts, maps and more on and about Grenada that many of you have stashed in atticks and cellars, boxes and storage.

We’re missing decades of resources, and we hope to solicit your help in locating some of these missing copies down the road.

Now we hope to begin building a digital archive of our 500-year history. The digitization is still in need of physical resources like scanners, imaging machines, digital-cameras, lights, storage-boxes, and hope to get started on the publicly accessible archive some time in 2014. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying going through many items you’ve already shipping to us.

Now we’d like to invite you to get involved. Here’s how: although work on the project is hard, many items from our collection are missing, unavailable or not in good enough condition for use in the project. We’d like to invite you to be a part of history by sharing your old Grenada’s material with us, helping build Grenada’s largest digital online archive. We’re currently accepting donations of of any materials in good condition from any point in our past. If you (or your brother, or your grandmother) would like to make a donation, or find out more about the specific issues we’re seeking, please contact us at archives@gov.gd and tell us a bit about your history with Grenada — we would love to hear it.

For future updates on this groundbreaking project, check in here. The history of Grenada is the history of all our people (including you abroad), and we are thrilled to be putting together a digital archive to preserve this legacy. We hope you will join us.



Ric Greaves is project manager for the Grenada’s Historical Digitization Project.


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